Striving for a Healthier 


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Where we started

CJM Inspection Services started out as "First Choice Inspection & Services", in 2009. We brought our business over in 2018, after 9 years it was time to combine our businesses. With ownership and inspectors not changing, our service and reliability have stayed at their very best. CJM Inspection Services strives for a healthier tomorrow by offering inspections for your home or business, big or small. We hope we can help you with your next inspection!

Home‚Äč Inspections

CJM works with home owners, management companies, relocation companies and many more. Give us a call for your next home or business inspection needs, we look forward to being able to help you!

Mold Inspections

Mold Inspections are offered for all industries. Whether it be a visual inspection, air quality samples or more, we can help, and suggest your next course of action.

Ozone Shock Treatment

In addition to inspections, CJM offers Ozone Shock Treatment. A list of a few of the uses:

Water damage mold remediation, Fire smoke remediation, Allergy air purifier, Remove odors, Control smoke, Kill mold, Kill allergens

Radon Testing

CJM offers Long Term Radon Testing: 91+ day testing

Radon Detector and Data sheet are sent to the Lab

We send you your results once the analysis is complete

Infrared Inspections

CJM offers Infrared Certified inspections.